Four Queens vie for control of the Solar System.

The Queen of Earth, Katrina the III, has her eyes on the riches of the Asteroid Belt and the wealth of Helium3 on Jupiter. If she were to control those resources, no one could stand in her way.

However, she is opposed by the Queen of Mars, Martha of Glassdome. Queen Martha’s military might is unmatched in the system. The Queen of Venus, Ariel the IV, is wise in the ways of diplomacy and statecraft. Queen Ariel has kept the other queens quarreling for nearly a decade. Not least is Queen Tasha of Saturn, who has tried to remain neutral, while selling her wares to all factions, making a healthy profit. With a flick of a computer stylus, many feel she could become Empress and be unopposed.

Mega-Corporations such as Helion, Stardyne and Terresta all pay homage to the queens with one hand and plot their demise with the other. Even smaller corporations like WaterEx and OmniPet plot and connive in a never ending quest for more power and position in the system-wide society.

The people, in general, are mere pawns. There are 250 Billion of them in the System, most have been reduced to little more than wage-slaves. Actual slavery is considered a solution for poverty, unemployment, addiction and prison over-population. The only prisoners who do not end up as slaves have a value to the crown and are kept not only to remove them from general society but to protect their usefulness.

Revolutionaries, freedom fighters, terrorists, mercenaries and pirates ply the space lanes in search of social, political and monetary gains. Falling afoul of any of these groups often means instant and horrible death.

Who do you support? Where is your loyalty? Will you fight?

Empress of Sol

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