Empress of Sol

Bubba Impressive Brings the Noise!

On or about May 11th, 2195.

Happy Harry gives everyone the night off – with pay. This isn’t suspicious at all!

Two more transgenic creatures appear, seemingly out of thin air; Gwynfor & Cheza. Harry had bought them as slaves, they had worked in his brothel. They, too, had grown up in the “Flower Fields” simulation. Harry had bought them from Omnipet directly. (What did he do to deserve “luck” like this?) They also had the night off and bumped into the rest of the crew while milling about looking for entertainment.

Alli reappears. Alli had appeared in the “Flower Fields” simulation. However, she only ever appeared to Jocelyn as a squirrel. The teachers tried to convince Jocelyn that Alli didn’t exist, but she never-the-less appeared nearly daily.

She reappeared by sending a note to Napoleon. The note said that Josephine was okay, that someone was coming for the group and that Alli needed help – find her! No other details were given.

Alli also seemingly invited Myari to complete a quest-mission on a free dream game called Knight’s Quest.

Upon hearing the name Alli, Donovan revealed he had once nearly dated a girl named Alli that stood him up. It just so happens he signed on with Kwik Kargo that night after seeing several ads from them advertising that they were hiring. (Funny, they only had one open position. A lot of ads to fill one lowly guard job.)

Myari and Jocelyn purchased a used, portable terminal. It was immediately delivered to the group. The terminal appears to be military surplus and has a built in AI. So far, it has proven to be good at searches and it may have access to some not commonly available information. However, it also proved to not be omnipotent – it does have limitations.

While trying to decide how to react to the threat of someone out to get them, the group took on the quest on Knight’s Quest. They were able to defeat a large group of colorful squirrels who threw exploding fruit at them by throwing rocks that exploded with wacky consequences! In the end, they turned in 20 acorns to the Knight’s Castle and received a reward code: ROCKANDROLLBADASS. There was no obvious use for this code.

Almost immediately upon exiting the game, gun shots were heard coming from the direction of the Dew Drop Inn. Napoleon found the battered speeder and brought it to the motel. Cheza scouted out the situation and discovered a rather gaudy speeder mixed in with the other vehicles parked outside the Inn. Myari ran the tags on the speeder through the AI and discovered the speeder belonged to a Bounty Hunter / Elvis Impersonator by the name of Bubba Impressive. Bubba also had a shuttle parked in New Milan spaceport.

The group speedered their way to the spaceport and found the shuttle in its berth. It was every bit as gaudy as Bubba’s speeder if not more so. Myari punched in the reward code from the Knight’s Quest mission on the keypad of the shuttle and it opened up. With some work, the group was able to “liberate” the shuttle, convince the towers they knew what they were doing and left New Milan in their wake.

Please see the Lizardlog for post lift off details.


Someone needs to stop posting things that Myari does, unless that person is ME, or the GM. Nobody else has the authority to tell me what my own character is doing. I’m pretty certain that I speak for the rest of the players as well. Post what your character does, yes. Possibly even add detail to the set. But never, ever try to decide for me what Myari does. That is my domain.

Bubba Impressive Brings the Noise!

Sorry. I did not mean to tread upon others characters. It’s a habit I picked up from other online rps, where other players were allowed to do things like that as long as their were considered small actions that either fit the plot or were funny. It will never happen again.

Bubba Impressive Brings the Noise!

I suspected as much. Online RPs are a totally different beast. In tabletop roleplaying, it is considered very bad form to ever have someone else’s character do something. The player playing the character is the final judge of what their character would do.

Bubba Impressive Brings the Noise!

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