Empress of Sol

Escape the Kwik Kargo 14!

On or about May 3rd, 2195.

The group wakes up to discover they are in cryo tubes in the middle of some calamity. Almost immediately, they are attacked by armed guards. The guards are quickly subdued.

The groups works out they are on a cargo freighter in the middle of a pirate raider attack. Two of their number have perished. Lenin, the Boar hybrid, didn’t make it out of the tube. A piece of metal shattered the glass of his tube and killed him. Doug, the Rabbit hybrid, apparently grabbed a laser rifle when he exited the tube and attracted the first (and only) shot from the armed guard, killing him instantly.

The group works out there are escape pods nearby. They take the guards with them to the engineering section. There, they force a tech to download a copy of the ship’s manifest onto a memory ring. They exit the ship in a pod, taking one of the guards, a Donovan Jones, with them.

The manifest lists some 25,000 items. Many with few if any details. However, OmniPet is listed as having “Five (5) subjects, live” headed for the Saturn Military Collective. Apparently, they had been sold as slaves to the Saturn Military.

The group removes their implanted tracking devices. The pod lands in a wilderness swamp on Venus.

After a nap. Napoleon leads the group through the woods. Along the way, they are stalked by a large lizard like creature. Myari shoots the creature and then prepares it for the groups’ consumption with local herbs. After more napping, the group is threatened by a party of four human males. The group is able to hide as the males head off toward the downed pod.

Napoleon is able to lead the group to the human’s camp; a simple collection of tarp shelters, a fire and a beat-up ground speeder. Jocelyn is chosen to pilot the speeder away from the camp and out of the woods. The group speeds into the outskirts of the main Venusian colony at New Milan.

The group abandon the vehicle and search for information on what is going on as well as possible work and shelter. A local news printer gives them the fact that a cargo ship was attacked in Venus orbit, but no details beyond this. A job posting for a near-by pub catches Myari’s eye. When she and Jocelyn walk into the “Dew Drop Inn”, they are instantly hired as exotic dancers by the proprietor, Happy Harry. Napoleon pulls the proprietor aside and is able to secure a job as janitor. Even Donovan picked up a few shifts bouncing.

Harry offers you discounted rooms in his no-tell motel a block from the joint. The rooms are disgusting but at least they are inexpensive!


The rooms are _in_expensive, I should hope. Edited accordingly.

Being instantly hired just because she was accompanying Myari is much to Jocelyn’s dismay, but she’ll go along with it. Something about “I’m a fugitive on an alien planet with no money and my world just fell apart” convinced her not to object. The fact that it was an opportunity right there requiring no further effort to secure helped.

This will change. Think: ‘weirdness magnet’ trait + ‘exotic dancer’. Unless her customers are so weird that they trip her xenophilic interests… More likely she’ll probably just get all the creeps and be teased by her coworkers.

Escape the Kwik Kargo 14!

Obviously, I had a humor fail.

The joke was that the juxtaposition of a bad/good with a bad/worse. The word “expensive” was intended. Thus the funny. Or not …. :)

Escape the Kwik Kargo 14!

Oh, revert the change then. Hard to imagine that ‘disgusting’ ‘discounted rooms’ would be expensive, but now that I’ve found out what the term means, I know that ‘no-tell’ rooms typically are if you’re actually staying them.

So do you prefer private messages here or emails for game-related communications? I can imagine a few things Jocelyn is doing during all this. Like looking for better lodgings and clothing, or trying to get in contact with other scientists she’d met. Or maybe taking apart her blaster rifle to see how it works.

Escape the Kwik Kargo 14!

Expense is relative – Happy Harry is just docking your pay! :)

Game related communications should be emails to my Gmail account. Please share with the group if you feel they will benefit. Please send directly to me if this is secret – mentioning that it should be kept from the party is not a bad idea.

However, feel free to continue commenting on the Adventure Log posts. I think you guys can even leave your own posts on here. Might be worth a shot if you have something good you want to share. Napoleon/Grady has already submitted some things to me that I’m trying to decide if they should be part of his character description or wiki articles.

As far as I’m concerned, this site is as much a part of our games as our meetings. I feel the emails hold equal importance. Keep in touch!

Escape the Kwik Kargo 14!

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