Empress of Sol

One Ring ...

On or about May 20th, 2195.

Happy Harry passes the group along to his friend Novik. Novik owes Harry a favor and he knows Novik can help them.

Harry tells the group that Novik deals in “less than legal” shuttles and larger craft. However, searches on him reveal little more than a used shuttle monger.

Novik contacts the group and he has a deal for the group. If they are willing to do a job for him, he will take care of their shuttle for them.

He has a larger craft, an S-2, The Purple Parrot, that is in “fix’er up” condition. However, it isn’t listed as stolen or wanted. He’s willing to take the shuttle off their hands and give them the new craft on spec, if they are willing to take the job. When the job is complete, the Parrot is theirs.

The group agreed, Novik requested they meet in the Luna Space Port to make the change.

Upon landing on Luna, Myari, Gwynfor and the two new Sapipets took their leave. Perhaps fate and fortune would favor them …

The remains of the group were eager to find out the details of Novik’s job, not to mention seeing the ship. Novik escorted the group to the ship. He hadn’t lied, it was in need of work, but cursory diagnostics showed the ship to be sound if not sanitary.

Novik informed the group that the job had a simple goal, Novik wants the group to steal a ring from Collin Barth. Barth is a professional blackmailer. Barth has enough information to put Novik’s neck in a noose on Earth. Barth has been forcing Novik to pay M$25,000 per month for the last three years.

Barth has all of his blackmail information saved on a gold data-ring. He wears the ring at all times.

Barth lives in an apartment in Tranquility City on Luna. The apartment is a security building and will be hard to bluff into.

Collin Barth

ST 11
DX 10
IQ 14
HT 10
HP 12
PER 16

Speed 5
Move 5
Dodge 8

Pistol(9) 3d(2) Burn
Brawling(10) Punch 1d-2 cr

The group set about staking out the building. Indeed, security was tight. Few holes were detected. The group watched as various people passed through security, some reeking of criminal affiliation. In the end, a pair of toughs in serious suits escorted a pretty blond lady through security. The toughs passed back through security, without the lady. A few minutes latter, the lady passed through security on the arm of a man matching the description of Collin Barth.

Napoleon snapped into action, shadowing Barth and his companion. Cheza & Jocelyn made an attempt at an elaborate bluff on security.

Napoleon followed the couple to a local restaurant. He passed into the men’s room and waited for his quarry. Eventually, maybe 45 minutes later, Barth entered the bathroom – alone. Napoleon stepped out of the stall, put a pistol set to stun to Barth’s head and pulled the trigger. Barth crumpled. Napoleon examined Barth, he wore six data rings in total. Napoleon removed them all. At that moment, large men in suits stepped into the bathroom and began firing laser pistols. Napoleon dodged and jumped through a window. He ran down an alley, laser bolts striking around him madly.

Cheza and Jocelyn’s attempt to bluff past security met stern opposition. As they tried a different tact, Napoleon called them, breathlessly requesting that they meet him at the Parrot and call Novik on the way.

Napoleon recalled his actions for the group – and was greeted with disbelief and incredulity. Yet, he had the rings and no pursuers. Novik was able to pick out the ring with his information. The group offered him the rest of the rings, which he took. He then handed over the ring that would give them access codes to the Purple Parrot.

Jocelyn retired to the bridge to begin figuring out the ship. Napoleon claimed a room and began making it home. Cheza went exploring and found something … more precisely, someone … in the air vent!



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