Kyrin Ipiki was born in February of 2162. Her family is aristocratic back to the time of the Czars and before. Her family has money and influence, but maybe not as much as they once had.

Kyrin begins training in politics and diplomacy at an early age. The world is coming back in line under the great strength of powerful Russian men. Her parents know they can place Kyrin, have her ready when the right opportunity comes along.

In 2171, Kyrin qualifies for the Klin Institute, where she will undergo four years of Dream Learning.

In 2174, King Olag is assassinated. He is replaced by his wife, Queen Katrina. Katrina is Kyrin’s great Aunt. Katrina abdicates her throne to General Wyzevich after a palace coup. General Wyzevich and his wife are murdered in early 2175. Katrina’s sister, Nicole, is crowned Katrina the II. She ruled for a year and a half before she, too, is assassinated.

Records from 2177 to 2179 are unclear. Most scholars agree that at least three more rulers are named in short order. Each ruling less than three months. There are some indications of a fourth and even fifth ruler. However, with all of the chaos, the Regional Governors form a Congress to take care of day to day administration of the Terran government.

By mid 2179, the throne of Earth lay empty. This created a financial downturn unseen since Olag declared himself King of Earth. The Congress of Regional Governors began an election process to find the next ruler.

Kyrin Ipiki was floated as a candidate on the merits of her work at the Lin Institute. While she was only 17, she had an Advanced Degree in Political Science, as well as degrees in Economics and Interplanetary Relations. Also, since she was in Dream Education when Olag, Katrina and General Wyzevich were assassinated, it was deemed she could not be associated with any conspiracies to assume the throne. Having had three relative sit on the throne was also a plus in her favor.

Critics of this move cited that Kyrin was too young, only 17. Critics also felt that this was a grand but empty gesture on the part of the Congress of Governors. The feeling was that they had selected a figure-head merely to appease the masses.

Regardless, Kyrin was crowned Katrina the III in November 2179.

As queen, Katrina has battled with the mega-corporations from the start. In particular, her dealings with Helion have been the most vociferous. Helion was established to bring Helium to Earth from Jupiter. However, they have focused on a free-market approach, offering their goods to any buyers. The Throne feels that this is not within the charter of the corporation. This fight has continued across the Queen’s reign.

Mining rights in the Belt have also been quite the issue, as has been piracy, a classic in the New Moscow court.

Katrina is unwed. She has been associated with many suitors, however, none have “caught on”.


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