Martha Lee’s life follows the colonization of Mars almost exactly.

Martha was born in 2150 just outside Old Chicago, in a once rich suburb named Shermer.

In 2154, when “The Warrior” launched, Martha was on board with her family. She has recounted publicly many stories from that voyage. She lived in Touchdown, she played in the underground vaults and in the atmosphere tents on the surface.

In 2167, Martha volunteered to work on the Venus effort. She had hoped to go Venus, but was replaced at the last minute when she caught a terrible strain of influenza.

Work on Glassdome began in 2169 and Martha was on the initial team. Her administrative abilities shined through. Her team broke speed and accuracy predictions nearly 100% of the time and none of the projects she oversaw came in behind schedule. Her ability to motivate people and find innovative solutions brought much attention to her career.

2171 saw the election of Regional Governor. Martha Lee did not run. However, a write-in campaign was launched and she was indeed elected by a slim margin. Later that year, King Olag destroys three colonies on Mars, including Martha’s home, Touchdown, in retaliation for piracy. After the attack, Martha Lee makes a moving speech about her life on Mars and that with the destruction of her home, Glassdome will be her new home and no one shall ever destroy it without having to destroy her first!

The group that ran the write-in campaign to elect Martha to Governor begins to turn again, this time conducting a whisper campaign to have Martha declared Queen. They use the slogan: “Remember Touchdown! Declare a Queen!”

2172 sees the completion of Glassdome. Martha Lee’s speech at the dedication ceremony is met with cheers of “Long Live the Queen!”

Early in 2173, Martha claims the Crown of Mars.

Immediately, she places the so-called pirates under direct fealty to the crown and organizes them into a navy. In short order, the Martian Navy is the most powerful space force in the system. There are those that feel that that fear of the Martian Navy led to the assassination King Olag.

Martha backed Mary Howard cum Ariel the IV as Queen of Venus. Martha also backed Dawn Warburton cum Tasha as Queen of Saturn – even over the Terresta’s objections, they wanted to run their own candidate.

Relations between Martha of Glassdome and Katrina the III have never been warm. Many fear eventual open war between Earth and Mars.


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