Mary Howard is born in 2160 on Mars in Touchdown. She and her family migrate to Venus in 2169 to be closer to the rest of the Howard clan who had been a major part of the Venus effort.

Mary kept correspondence with Martha Lee, a family friend. Mary was delighted when her friend Martha ascended the throne of Mars.

In 2178, Mary began work in the office of Governor Stahl, quickly becoming General Secretary.

In 2181, with the full backing of the Howard family and backing from The Queen of Mars, Mary claimed the Throne of Venus as Ariel the IV.

If the truth be known, Ariel is a renowned gossip. She has a long standing relationship with Martha of Glassdome and in the last few years has developed quite the friendship with Katrina the III. It is thought that her whispers in those great ears might be doing more damage than good! However, there is no denying that Venus has prospered under Ariel’s rule.


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