The early life of Dawn Warburton is something of a mystery. The first official record of her existence is in 2180, when she assumes the role of Public Relations Ombudsman to Mars at Helion.

It is thought that her family were Martian Pirates and that Dawn was born in space, possibly orphaned. Whatever the case, she seems to have come out of no-where.

However, she attained her job with Helion due to a recommendation from Martha of Glassdome.

Dawn served Helion with merit and rose in the ranks. In 2189, at The Royal Saturnal Convention, again with the backing of Martha of Glassdome, not to mention Helion, Dawn was crowned Queen Tasha of Saturn.

In system affairs, Queen Tasha has kept a strictly professional and neutral line. However, in a very short time, Queen Tasha has accumulated a great deal of buzz and political “juice” that she is using most expertly.


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