Alli the Squirrel


Alli appeared in the Flower Fields simulation as a squirrel that lived in the ancient blue tree. She only appeared to Jocelyn. When Jocelyn told the teachers, they seemed worried, but they tried to convince Jocelyn that Alli was a figment of her imagination.

Yet, Alli reappeared nearly every day.

Since the Sapipets have escaped, Alli has again surfaced. She has requested that the group find her – rescue her. So far, she hasn’t revealed her whereabouts.

It’s possible Alli helped the group by getting them an access code for a shuttle. She may have also helped them obtain a used, military grade terminal with a mid-grade AI. It may also be possible she stood up Donovan, only to help him get a job with Kwik Kargo – although, that seems a stretch.


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