Happy Harry

Proprietor and Talent Coordinator for the Dew Drop Inn, Franchise #119, New Milan, Venus.



HP 9
MV 4
Laser Pistol 9 3d(2) Burning

Wealth – Three Profitable Properties (Dew Drop Inn, Happy Hollows “No Tell” Motel)

Contacts in the New Milan under-world.

Merchant – 15, Area Knowledge – 12

Contact: Streetwise 15, Usually Reliable, Available Quite Often (roll of 12 or less), 8 points


“Happy Harry” Harrington owns the Dew Drop Inn franchise on the outskirts of New Milan, Venus.

Harry is what you would expect of a road-house and strip joint owner. He is slicko and smarmy. But, he is also gregarious and, in a way, charming. The drinks flow, the music plays loudly and the girls dance. The local terraforming laborers drink and tip the girls and when they get too drunk, Harry or one of his boys tosses them out on their ear. Fights are kept to a minimum and trouble is not tolerated. Harry has only had to shoot two drunks so far this year and one of them lived!

Happy Harry is good to his people – but the respect had better flow in his direction!

Now known to the players but not generally known:

Harry also owns a brothel. A local parking structure has color coded elevators. If you have been given a key, the pink elevator will take you down to the brothel. About thirty girls and a madam/house mother plus staff work there.

Prostitution is not illegal in New Milan. However, Harry is keeping the brothel secret from all the local protection rackets. So far, it’s working.

Happy Harry

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