Dr. Bower Stern

Is he Brilliant or Crazy?


Stern finished his doctorate at the New Moscow Institute of Sciences in 2173. He was a shining star of the Gengineering and Bio-Sciences departments.

Stern worked for a string of pharma-corps in the 80s, building microbe drug manufacturing processes.

In the late 80s, Stern was invited to OmniPet to make sure the Intellipet program stayed on track. They were worried about microscopic flora & fauna in their manufactured pets. Stern was the expert.

Stern showed a lot of promise and moved up in the company. Until Project BLUE DIAMOND, a.k.a. Sapipet seemed to push him over the edge.

Stern was released with a hefty golden parachute.

He has not been heard from since.

Dr. Bower Stern

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