Empress of Sol

The Asteroid Laboratory
On or about May 30th, 2195.

A few days have passed on the Purple Parrot. No events worth noting. The ship is dirty but serviceable. Getting to know Larry Templeton and getting to know the ship have consumed most of everyone’s time.

Napoleon has a nightmare. He sees Josephine’s face. She smiles at him – or is she baring her fangs? She says “I love you Napoleon. Don’t make me kill you!”

Needless to say, Napoleon woke in a fit of near hysterics.

Later in the morning, DOLBY alerts Jocelyn. He has a message for her. It’s an email from sqrrlgrrl@freemail.mars.com

Subject: Report

Message: This will help you. Alli.

Attachment: Graviton_Matrices_in_a_Meson_Hyper_Decompression_Field_J_L_Izzard.doc

DOLBY tells Jocelyn that the message arrived in his mailbox – not Jocelyn’s. However, until a few minutes ago, he wasn’t aware he had a PalMail account, nor the PalMail Alerter application installed. In fact, his last diagnostic does not have it listed. Jocelyn tells him that she will remove the software and update his security software later.

Jocelyn reviews the document. While the document is credited to “Dr. J. L. Izzard,” the document details Jocelyn’s theories on the listed title. She compiled many of these while in the Field of Flowers. She communicated many of them to the teachers and the “scientists” she spoke with at the time. However, several of the compiled theories were in her personal files – she never completed them nor told anyone about them. They are listed here in their incomplete form.

The last few pages of the document feature opinion papers from four scientists; Dr. Charles Junt, Dr. Maddy Flemming, Dr. Murphy Edwards and Dr. Sang Gupta. Jocelyn knows all of these names, she communicated with them in the simulation. A search on their names provided some interesting facts: all of them worked for OmniPet, all of them are experts in their fields. Junt is a physicist, Flemming is a mathematician, Edwards is a astrophysicist and Gupta is a biologist. (Why would OmniPet employ an astrophysicist?) All of these scientists have been off the grid for the last six months.

“Dr. J. L. Izzard” has been making quite a stir. Two other papers under that name are floating around the net. Several opinion papers by some very prominent scientists have been published in response to “Dr. Izzard’s” work. The papers are all Jocelyn’s work.

The opinion papers included with the attached document are well thought out, most of the information in them had already been expressed to Jocelyn. Jocelyn noticed something about the third paper. She noticed that every third word is capitalized. Jocelyn discovered that the letters, when put together, form a complex chemical formula – an exact molecular weight – the makeup of a large rocky body, perhaps. A small moon or asteroid?

All bodies constantly change composition. So, this composition would also indicate a very specific time frame as well. Jocelyn researched the body and found a single entry – BLY 38, an unremarkable mid-size rock in the Asteroid Belt. BLY 38 sits in the Bly Field. A prospector working for Helion, Elliot Bly, mapped out 175+ asteroids in this section some fifteen years ago. BLY 38 was four days from their location as the Parrot flies.

A day out from Bly – the Parrot’s sensors went wacko. The chronometer reads that it is the 48th day of February, 3074. The collision sensors were intermittently reading incoming ships, missiles, boulders – one reported a giant rubber ducky. DOLBY began singing “Puttin’ On the Ritz”. The lights flickered once. Then again. Then two more times …

Then the ship vanished.

Larry, Jocelyn and Napoleon find themselves on a horizonless, white plane.

A familiar female voice, Josephine, rings out: “Napoleon! I told you not to come!”

Before the group appeared a giant, mechanical porcupine. It began swinging. It first connected with Jocelyn, squarely in the chest. She went flying, landing on her ass, with metal quills sticking out of her chest and shoulders. Removing those would have been painful, but there wasn’t time – the Mechanopine struck again and again! Napoleon stood in disbelieving horror. Larry was doing his best Mohamed Ali impression.


The group was back in the Parrot, sitting on the floor of the cargo hold. That wasn’t where they started …

Jocelyn was able to discern they had gone through a Reality Storm, but those are usually deadly for all that encounter them. Nothing on the ship had been disturbed, also not characteristic of Reality Storms. It was as if this storm had an intelligence, or was guided by an intelligent hand …

The Asteroid Belt isn’t as dense as many movies would make it appear. But, there are certainly a large collection of rocks of various sizes as far as the eye can see. BLY 38 is not the largest rock in the area, but it sticks out like a sore thumb.

The asteroid wasn’t tumbling as many of the other rocks were, it wasn’t moving much at all. (The original Bly survey noted quite a tumble for #38.) Articulated solar fins jut out from various angles. A large dish on an articulated mount marks the peak of the rock. Just under that is an obvious landing deck. The deck was protected by a large blaster turret to the right of the deck opening. An unlit sign intended to give landing instructions sits to the left of the deck. The deck had a large metal blast door lowered.

When the Parrot crossed 1000 KM, the sign lit up with the message “STOP! You are not authorized!” The blaster tracked the ship. A message hit the comm unit. It was an automated “Restricted Area! Leave now!” message.

The group tried at this point to be cautious. Scans of the asteroid revealed nothing. Several communication attempts resulted in automated replies. The group waited for quite some time. The only sign of life was a shuttle that exited the flight deck, circled the asteroid and landed – no one was sure if that wasn’t automated as well.

A decision was made to return to Luna. No good would come from getting blasted out of the stars. The Parrot isn’t armed and is not a tank, it wouldn’t take a great deal of abuse.

However, Alli was having none of this. For the first time since the Field of Flowers, she was communicating directly with the group – albeit still cryptically. These communications included another coded formula, Jocelyn was able to determine this was for a cesium-argon matrix that could be incorporated into optic fiber. A computer running with those fibers would actually be somewhat precognitive – was Alli able to predict the future? Finally, the crew of the Purple Parrot decided to return to BLY 38, this time with a plan of attack!

This time they rigged up some decoys. The crew followed the decoys in, at a distance, to see the turret’s reaction. Jocelyn piloted in as close as she dared as the turret fired on the decoys. Eventually, Jocelyn maneuvered to come up under the asteroid and attached to the surface on the asteroid.

Mere minutes later, the collision alarms alerted the crew that a problem was incoming. Jocelyn detached as a security-remote came into view. It was about the size of a large trash can, beige with a large turreted blaster on top. It was slow. Jocelyn turned to face the remote. The crew grabbed laser weapons, which should be able to fire through the glass (although range and effectiveness might have dropped). In a few shots, the remote was dispatched – it had only fired once, but the Parrot shook off the damage!

However, the collision alarm had already detected a second remote. Jocelyn rolled the ship and accidentally hit the remote – sending it careening into the belt!

At this point, the group decides to move the ship so they can see what’s going on. They maneuver up so that they have the dish between them and the turret. The turret is firing all around them, but not at the dish and thus at the ship. Then, the turret seems to go dead and the barrel droops. The landing-sign changes to the message “SqrrlGrrl Rules!” The blast door opens and a rush of compressed air and dust evacuates the deck. The automated landing system requests a slave circuit. Jocelyn passed over control and an automated system that landed the freighter.

Alli informed the group, very directly, over the PA system, that she was able to defeat the turret when they got in close – the decoys helped a great deal. She was also in the middle of a hacking fight – so she was able to get them to the first two levels but not below. When asked, she thought she was on level 8. The group explored the first level – finding food storage. Larry, ever the rat and smart soldier didn’t pass up the opportunity to eat and grabbed junk food. He was forced to drop said food as another remote showed up and attacked – it was defeated with dispatch.

Level 2 was parts storage … and another remote. The remote was a bit luckier but not too tough, thanks to some good strategy by Napoleon.

At this point, it was determined that getting to level 8 was the over all goal. One of the elevators was disabled so that they could climb down the shaft without having to worry about getting run over by the car. The elevator door was jimmied open and the security door was melted with laser fire.

This revealed a room filled with large tanks containing green liquid and developing hyena clones with cybernetic implants. Oh, yeah … and Dr. Bower Stern was there, too!

Seeing Dr. Stern put two of our crew in a strange position. Jocelyn had been seeking out the man she calls “Father” hoping to restart the Sapipet program. Napoleon knew in his heart that Stern could lead him to Josephine.

Stern was a pure depiction of the cool, calculating scientific administrator. He instructed the group that there was nothing there for them. Alli was his computer, this was his station, they had no right to be there – he ordered them to leave. When Napoleon implored for information on Josephine, Stern looked him in the eye and told him “Josephine is mine!”

Things went downhill a bit from here. While Larry went off to investigate the computer rack for the whereabouts of Alli and the contents of the tanks, Dr. Stern pushed past the pets and headed for a corner of the lab. They had so many questions and he wasn’t answering any of them. Finally, Napoleon grabbed the doctor – begging for info. Stern produced a small remote control and stated he would kill Josephine if Napoleon didn’t let him go and leave the station. Napoleon did as ordered and stepped back – but his love for Josephine knows no bounds. He whipped out his pistol and melted Stern’s hand – boiling away the remote.

That’s when Jocelyn shot Napoleon in the back. (Ah! Team work!)

Stern screamed in surprise and pain, smacked a pad on the furthest tank in the corner. A panel swung open, revealing that the tank was fake. Stern entered and the tank dropped through the floor.

Larry unracked Alli, but not before she completed one more task – she released a toxin into the the tanks, killing the mutant hyenas. Jocelyn dashed off a note in a rough hand and left it on the computer rack.

“This isn’t how I wanted our meeting to go. I’m sorry.” – Jocelyn

Napoleon was out and badly hurt. They carried him and Alli back to the Parrot.

As soon as the group hooked Alli up on the ship, she made a simple request “Kill me!”

Alli’s reasoning was that she had been programmed for evil. Jocelyn hoped to retrieve all the information on Alli’s main drive without retrieving the intelligence files. Jocelyn took her time, several hours, making sure she could open the computer case without blowing herself into chaff. Upon opening, it was revealed that indeed Alli was light based and used several advanced technologies, including those hyper-fast fiber optics. Light pumped into those fibers would actually exit about 15 minutes before it entered! So, Alli knew exactly what would happen 15 minutes before it happened. From there, she could extrapolate thousands of possible outcomes and be as much as 90% accurate for as long as an hour.

On the down side, she had three bombs on-board, she probably wasn’t even aware of them, as she would have likely activated them herself. One bomb was simple High Explosive. One was an EMP, it would do some damage to Alli’s pathways and would likely make nearby humanoids go wonky, too. The last was a photonic weapon, essentially a flash bang, but all of that light going into Alli’s fibers and speeding up beyond the speed of light, it would have been messy for her. Considering the reversed time-dilation effect in those fibers, who knows what might happen?!

As Jocelyn worked, she accidentally set off the HE. Her hands were splattered across the walls, she received minor burns on her face and arms. Had the case been closed, it would have been worse! Larry witnessed the whole thing, as he was assisting. He watched Jocelyn slip out of consciousness. Then Napoleon appeared, barely holding onto consciousness, waving a laser pistol, yelling that they needed to return to the lab for Josephine.

Poor Larry!

One Ring ...
On or about May 20th, 2195.

Happy Harry passes the group along to his friend Novik. Novik owes Harry a favor and he knows Novik can help them.

Harry tells the group that Novik deals in “less than legal” shuttles and larger craft. However, searches on him reveal little more than a used shuttle monger.

Novik contacts the group and he has a deal for the group. If they are willing to do a job for him, he will take care of their shuttle for them.

He has a larger craft, an S-2, The Purple Parrot, that is in “fix’er up” condition. However, it isn’t listed as stolen or wanted. He’s willing to take the shuttle off their hands and give them the new craft on spec, if they are willing to take the job. When the job is complete, the Parrot is theirs.

The group agreed, Novik requested they meet in the Luna Space Port to make the change.

Upon landing on Luna, Myari, Gwynfor and the two new Sapipets took their leave. Perhaps fate and fortune would favor them …

The remains of the group were eager to find out the details of Novik’s job, not to mention seeing the ship. Novik escorted the group to the ship. He hadn’t lied, it was in need of work, but cursory diagnostics showed the ship to be sound if not sanitary.

Novik informed the group that the job had a simple goal, Novik wants the group to steal a ring from Collin Barth. Barth is a professional blackmailer. Barth has enough information to put Novik’s neck in a noose on Earth. Barth has been forcing Novik to pay M$25,000 per month for the last three years.

Barth has all of his blackmail information saved on a gold data-ring. He wears the ring at all times.

Barth lives in an apartment in Tranquility City on Luna. The apartment is a security building and will be hard to bluff into.

Collin Barth

ST 11
DX 10
IQ 14
HT 10
HP 12
PER 16

Speed 5
Move 5
Dodge 8

Pistol(9) 3d(2) Burn
Brawling(10) Punch 1d-2 cr

The group set about staking out the building. Indeed, security was tight. Few holes were detected. The group watched as various people passed through security, some reeking of criminal affiliation. In the end, a pair of toughs in serious suits escorted a pretty blond lady through security. The toughs passed back through security, without the lady. A few minutes latter, the lady passed through security on the arm of a man matching the description of Collin Barth.

Napoleon snapped into action, shadowing Barth and his companion. Cheza & Jocelyn made an attempt at an elaborate bluff on security.

Napoleon followed the couple to a local restaurant. He passed into the men’s room and waited for his quarry. Eventually, maybe 45 minutes later, Barth entered the bathroom – alone. Napoleon stepped out of the stall, put a pistol set to stun to Barth’s head and pulled the trigger. Barth crumpled. Napoleon examined Barth, he wore six data rings in total. Napoleon removed them all. At that moment, large men in suits stepped into the bathroom and began firing laser pistols. Napoleon dodged and jumped through a window. He ran down an alley, laser bolts striking around him madly.

Cheza and Jocelyn’s attempt to bluff past security met stern opposition. As they tried a different tact, Napoleon called them, breathlessly requesting that they meet him at the Parrot and call Novik on the way.

Napoleon recalled his actions for the group – and was greeted with disbelief and incredulity. Yet, he had the rings and no pursuers. Novik was able to pick out the ring with his information. The group offered him the rest of the rings, which he took. He then handed over the ring that would give them access codes to the Purple Parrot.

Jocelyn retired to the bridge to begin figuring out the ship. Napoleon claimed a room and began making it home. Cheza went exploring and found something … more precisely, someone … in the air vent!

Kwik Kargo 38 Adrift!
On or about May 17th, 2195.

Several days pass after blasting out of New Milan, Venus.

The group is crammed into the small shuttle – it was not meant to accommodate this many bodies for this long. Or, it wasn’t meant to do so comfortably.

As Jocelyn guided the tiny shuttle, she detected a distress call. A Kwik Kargo transport was nearby, broadcasting an automated general distress message. The group decided to approach the ship and offer assistance … removing any valuables …

On approach, it was obvious the ship was in trouble. It was adrift, tumbling, spewing plasma and burning gases, surrounded in a cloud of metallic debris.

Jocelyn attempted to hard dock the shuttle to the ship – not an easy task given the situation. She managed to merge the two ships, but not in a desired fashion. The golden, gaudy shuttle now had a punctured hull! The group managed to remove the antennae that had penetrated the shuttle’s skin and patch the hole. Duct Tape to the rescue!

Jocelyn maneuvered the shuttle off and tried a different approach. She was able to reach the automated docking computer aboard the freighter and then slave up the shuttle. The computer docked the shuttle on the freighter’s shuttle deck.

The group then discovered the true nightmare this ship presented. Life support and other systems were either off-line or intermittently off-line. Fires burned in many of the sealed sections. Other sections were vented to space. The ship was a total loss. Once the log was accessed, it was revealed that the freighter had encountered a rogue asteroid – it was an insurance write-off with no survivors.

Or were there?

Teams formed for explorations of the ship. Cheza led the effort, and was immediately ensnared by an artificial gravity plate gone haywire! Myari with help from Gwynfor and Jocelyn were able to retrieve her. She was concussed, but not in any permanent danger.

Later teams were extra careful. Searches of the cargo areas revealed beings in cryo containment. Again, OmniPet had sold off Sapipets to the Saturnian military. (Could they have a special program for transgenic, sentient animals?) Two previous inhabitants of the Flower Fields were found and revived. Since everyone was old friends, the revived Sapipets joined the effort.

The engines were checked, in a space dock, they could be refueled and repaired in a few weeks. Adrift between planets, they were so much space garbage. The bridge was accessed from outside the ship by remote – the bridge was open to space, no apparent survivors and not much in the way of useful, working systems.

In the end, a few items were taken from various holds. A small shuttle was tacked to the back of Bubba’s shuttle to provide more room – but this did nothing for the looks of the vehicle. The group, now two bodies larger, launched – leaving the Kwik Kargo 38 to tumble in space …

To pass the time, Jocelyn ran a few searches and discovered something, a message on a public classified section. The message read:

Mr. Happy Seeks his pets.
Why did you run?
Dew contact me!

It was quickly determined that the message was from Happy Harry. The group called Harry. Harry was pleased to hear from the group. He was curious what happened. Recounts of events were exchanged. Apparently, Bubba Impressive escaped the Dew Drop Inn without much trouble. Harry was not happy about how the whole situation had played out, but he was happy that the group was alive and well. To that end, he informed Cheza and Gwyn that they had been freed – they were no longer slaves!

When Harry heard the group was cooped up in a tiny shuttle, he told them to expect a call from a friend of his that owed him a favor, a man named Novik.

Bubba Impressive Brings the Noise!
On or about May 11th, 2195.

Happy Harry gives everyone the night off – with pay. This isn’t suspicious at all!

Two more transgenic creatures appear, seemingly out of thin air; Gwynfor & Cheza. Harry had bought them as slaves, they had worked in his brothel. They, too, had grown up in the “Flower Fields” simulation. Harry had bought them from Omnipet directly. (What did he do to deserve “luck” like this?) They also had the night off and bumped into the rest of the crew while milling about looking for entertainment.

Alli reappears. Alli had appeared in the “Flower Fields” simulation. However, she only ever appeared to Jocelyn as a squirrel. The teachers tried to convince Jocelyn that Alli didn’t exist, but she never-the-less appeared nearly daily.

She reappeared by sending a note to Napoleon. The note said that Josephine was okay, that someone was coming for the group and that Alli needed help – find her! No other details were given.

Alli also seemingly invited Myari to complete a quest-mission on a free dream game called Knight’s Quest.

Upon hearing the name Alli, Donovan revealed he had once nearly dated a girl named Alli that stood him up. It just so happens he signed on with Kwik Kargo that night after seeing several ads from them advertising that they were hiring. (Funny, they only had one open position. A lot of ads to fill one lowly guard job.)

Myari and Jocelyn purchased a used, portable terminal. It was immediately delivered to the group. The terminal appears to be military surplus and has a built in AI. So far, it has proven to be good at searches and it may have access to some not commonly available information. However, it also proved to not be omnipotent – it does have limitations.

While trying to decide how to react to the threat of someone out to get them, the group took on the quest on Knight’s Quest. They were able to defeat a large group of colorful squirrels who threw exploding fruit at them by throwing rocks that exploded with wacky consequences! In the end, they turned in 20 acorns to the Knight’s Castle and received a reward code: ROCKANDROLLBADASS. There was no obvious use for this code.

Almost immediately upon exiting the game, gun shots were heard coming from the direction of the Dew Drop Inn. Napoleon found the battered speeder and brought it to the motel. Cheza scouted out the situation and discovered a rather gaudy speeder mixed in with the other vehicles parked outside the Inn. Myari ran the tags on the speeder through the AI and discovered the speeder belonged to a Bounty Hunter / Elvis Impersonator by the name of Bubba Impressive. Bubba also had a shuttle parked in New Milan spaceport.

The group speedered their way to the spaceport and found the shuttle in its berth. It was every bit as gaudy as Bubba’s speeder if not more so. Myari punched in the reward code from the Knight’s Quest mission on the keypad of the shuttle and it opened up. With some work, the group was able to “liberate” the shuttle, convince the towers they knew what they were doing and left New Milan in their wake.

Please see the Lizardlog for post lift off details.

Escape the Kwik Kargo 14!
On or about May 3rd, 2195.

The group wakes up to discover they are in cryo tubes in the middle of some calamity. Almost immediately, they are attacked by armed guards. The guards are quickly subdued.

The groups works out they are on a cargo freighter in the middle of a pirate raider attack. Two of their number have perished. Lenin, the Boar hybrid, didn’t make it out of the tube. A piece of metal shattered the glass of his tube and killed him. Doug, the Rabbit hybrid, apparently grabbed a laser rifle when he exited the tube and attracted the first (and only) shot from the armed guard, killing him instantly.

The group works out there are escape pods nearby. They take the guards with them to the engineering section. There, they force a tech to download a copy of the ship’s manifest onto a memory ring. They exit the ship in a pod, taking one of the guards, a Donovan Jones, with them.

The manifest lists some 25,000 items. Many with few if any details. However, OmniPet is listed as having “Five (5) subjects, live” headed for the Saturn Military Collective. Apparently, they had been sold as slaves to the Saturn Military.

The group removes their implanted tracking devices. The pod lands in a wilderness swamp on Venus.

After a nap. Napoleon leads the group through the woods. Along the way, they are stalked by a large lizard like creature. Myari shoots the creature and then prepares it for the groups’ consumption with local herbs. After more napping, the group is threatened by a party of four human males. The group is able to hide as the males head off toward the downed pod.

Napoleon is able to lead the group to the human’s camp; a simple collection of tarp shelters, a fire and a beat-up ground speeder. Jocelyn is chosen to pilot the speeder away from the camp and out of the woods. The group speeds into the outskirts of the main Venusian colony at New Milan.

The group abandon the vehicle and search for information on what is going on as well as possible work and shelter. A local news printer gives them the fact that a cargo ship was attacked in Venus orbit, but no details beyond this. A job posting for a near-by pub catches Myari’s eye. When she and Jocelyn walk into the “Dew Drop Inn”, they are instantly hired as exotic dancers by the proprietor, Happy Harry. Napoleon pulls the proprietor aside and is able to secure a job as janitor. Even Donovan picked up a few shifts bouncing.

Harry offers you discounted rooms in his no-tell motel a block from the joint. The rooms are disgusting but at least they are inexpensive!

Life was Good
The opening text to Empress of Sol

Life was good.

For the past 18 years, you have lived in an ideal world – until today.

Your earliest memories were of favorite toys and fields of colorful flowers that stretched out into forever. You ran in those fields and played with those toys. You played with each other. You have known each other all of your lives. You played together, you learned in the same classes in the class circle. You also knew others, but they went away.

Myari, you had a friend named Sara. She had fluffy hair and big eyes. She kissed you under the ancient blue tree. You didn’t like it! You were only seven and it was gross!

Jocelyn, your friend Hiro had orange and black stripes and unforgettable eyes. You and he also had a first under the blue tree – but you were a bit older!

And then there was Napoleon & Josephine. They were best friends for as long as you can remember. Inseparable! If one was missing, so was the other and you could bet your favorite toy they would be found together. The last few years, their feelings for each other changed … and strengthened! Everyone understood, no need to explain. Even the teachers understood, and seemed very troubled by it.

Of your original group, only a few are still around. Sara wasn’t there for your big 8th birthday party. The teachers said she needed to be someplace else. Hiro began acting strangely , he’s not been around for three years.

Josephine went away six months ago. She pulled you all aside and told you she had to go – she couldn’t explain why. Napoleon was heartbroken. He begged her to stay. He begged her to explain. She couldn’t and it hurt her to say that. The next day, she was gone. Napoleon hasn’t been the same.

Napoleon begged the teachers to bring her back. They said they couldn’t and they all looked to one teacher for help. He called himself Bower. Of all the teachers, Bower seemed to get the most respect from the other teachers. He didn’t teach as much as the others, but he spent more time playing with you than any of the others. You all aged 18 years and Bower didn’t age a day – none of the teachers aged. They all looked like humans, just like in the history books. You all looked like animals. Bower and the other teachers said you were special and destined for great things. But, they could never explain the great things that Sara, Hiro, Josephine or any of the others were doing.

Three weeks ago, things changed drastically. No teachers showed up for class. A few more of you disappeared here and there. Now there were only five of you left; Miyari, Jocelyn, Napoleon, Doug and Lenin. A few minutes ago, all went black. The fields of flowers and the library and the class circle all vanished. And just now, you opened your eyes. You feel awful as if you haven’t moved your body in a month. Tubes are in your nose and mouth. Fluid flows through tubes into needles in your veins. Patches of fur and scales have been shaved away to allow electrodes to be glued on. You now notice the flashing red lights. You are in a metal tube with a large window – the lights are coming from outside the tube. There is a lot of flashing lights and some smoke. Then everything around you shudders. You are plunged into darkness. You are sure your arms, legs and torso are restrained. The darkness continues as everything around you is violently shifting. Another shudder – is it an earthquake?

The lights come back on. A loud hiss comes from your tube as outside air and acrid smoke pour in. The top lifts from your tube and your bonds loosen. You hear a klaxon outside the room with your tubes. Sounds of explosions and maybe even beamers are coming from every direction. It appears you are free – what do you do now?


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