Asteroid Belt

The Asteroid Belt, or Belt, is a ring of rocky debris between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars.

It is estimated that more than 40,000 asteroids in the Belt are a half mile wide or wider. That’s a lot of rock, a lot of resources and a lot of places to hide.

Dozens of small to medium corporations mine the Asteroid Belt. A great deal of pirates use the Belt as a place to hide, some are brazen enough to establish bases on the larger rocks that are not already claimed by the mega-corps.

  • It is rumored Stardyne has secret ship-yards in the Belt.
  • Terresta is currently processing a couple of larger rocks into habitats that will be moved out of the Belt and into orbit around larger bodies.
  • WaterEx prospects for water in the Belt constantly. They have been quite successful. They also process the unneeded water found by other mega-corporations.

Asteroid Belt

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