Entry #1

Hi! Jocelyn here, this is your pilot speaking. Maybe I can get the others to let me call myself captain.

Now that I’ve got the computers of an entire ship to play with, I’m going to start tracking my efforts better. Myari isn’t sharing the laptop very well anyways (and that wasn’t cheap, grumble). So I’m starting a log here instead. I’m pretty sure I scrubbed the computers clean of call-backs, back-doors, and tracers.

In fact, that can be the first thing I log, before I even get into all the fascinating events of recently. I scrubbed the computer. Still working on it too, getting familiar with the programs, researching things I find… or marking things for later research. Gotta be thorough here.

Once I finish, I’ll look up my findings. I don’t want to be caught out by changes in our bounties and I’d like to know when anyone notices us and sends anyone after us. Especially now that we’ve stolen such a thoroughly noticeable ship. We could really use some credits… thorough modification of the ship would be a good investment.

All this is so much work. Makes me a sad iguana. I just want to curl up with a good book, or at worst, maybe work on a few research proposals. I had some things I was working on before the dream simulation ended. I don’t have the work I’d done already, but I can reconstruct it. But that’s not the kind of credits we need right now, and the good name I built in the scientific community has been useless so far. Sigh.

Entry #2 Aaaand next morning, after a night of ‘The King’... I’m going to have this music stuck in my head for days. Wait, subentry what? Napoleon! I didn’t give you access to this. Maybe we could get the jukebox to shut off if you didn’t tamper with the computers! (Sorry! Fixed it. -N.)

Good idea on the ship though, finding things to sell out of it. Easier way to make credits than actually working for them! I like easy. That entire stock of music might be a good start. Probably collector’s items. Hey, if we managed to find the second biggest Elvis fan in the system, we’d be rich! (Sadly I think we already found the biggest Elvis fan…)

Actually, I bet most of the decorations on this ship are either useless or collector’s items. I dunno how to offload the old relics (Who uses a disco ball anymore? What do those sell for?) but a scrapyard might tear off a lot of the exterior stuff for us. We’d look like a real junker after their ‘help’, but at least we wouldn’t be so instantly recognizable.


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