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A Brief History


  • In the opening days of the Gulf War, against warnings from the United States, Iraq fires a modified SCUD missile with a chemical weapon warhead at Israel.
  • Israel, again, against the wishes of the United States, retaliates with three nuclear weapons – all targeting Baghdad.
  • The Russian Federation, angered by Israel’s actions against a non-nuclear armed country (and because Israel is an ally of the United States), fires ten cruise missiles from submarines in the Atlantic. Thousands of Israelis and American service personnel die in less than half an hour. The Russian Federation is universally condemned in the West.
  • The United States is forced to retaliate against the Russian Federation. Hundreds of bombers and missiles are launched within hours of the attacks on Israel. All attacks are targeted on Russian Federation military installations. These attacks destroy most of the Russian Federation’s nuclear capability.
  • China reacts to the American retaliation with horror and disgust. They counter-attack with thousands of weapons. The US launches counter-attacks at China and other Russian Federation targets.
  • Twenty Four hours after the chemical attack in Israel, the most populated areas of the world are mostly smoking, radioactive craters. Nuclear Armageddon finally came.

1992 to 2017

The following 25 years saw a constant state of war. The remainder of the militaries of the East and West fought battle after battle in every corner of the world. Nuclear weapons were used on all fronts until they were exhausted. Conventional warfare continued unabated for over two decades. Soldiers charged across irradiated snowfields in the Sahara to challenge their enemies. Battleships and submarines clashed in the Pacific, Atlantic and in the Med. All sides threw everything they had into the war effort.


On June 8th, 2018, four Soviet era battleships belonging to the Chinese Navy were vaporized within visual range of Taipei, Taiwan. There was a blinding flash of light. Then sounds of thunder as lightning struck the water and the beach, then nothing. There was no radiation left by this weapon. Many Taiwanese didn’t believe it was a weapon at all, but the gods attacking the vile Chinese.

2018 to 2021

  • Many more of these “lightning strike” weapons were deployed. In early 2021, details of the weapon were revealed to the public. DARPA and CERN had co-operated to produce what had been dubbed a “Displacement Bomb”. They had developed a way to open an Einstein-Rosen bridge, a “wormhole”, between the Earth and the Sun. Specifically, between the Earth and the Sun’s core. The wormhole is only a nanometer wide and remains open for one to five seconds. In that time, the difference in pressure releases enough plasma from the core of the Sun to evaporate millions of tons of matter. This of course releases large amounts of heat and energy, which converts into electrical disturbances, causing even further damage. However, no radiation is released, so the weapon is deemed clean.
  • In late 2021, the Chinese “develop” their own Displacement Bomb. The war renews in ernest.


A large Displacement Bomb makes it to Washington DC. However, it was not dropped from a plane or delivered by a missile. It arrived on the White House lawn out of the blue. It has a large timer bolted to the side which counted down one hour. NEST teams responded to attempt to disarm the bomb as the rest of the capital was evacuated. The NEST team made it through three layers of three-inch steel before discovering that there would not be time to make it through the next layer.

The bomb detonated, evaporating a sphere with a fifteen mile radius. Water soon filled in the crater creating a large lake. There is no longer a “District of Columbia”.


The Chinese reveal that they are able to build devices that can not only open a wormhole, but pass a device from one end to another. The only drawback to their process is that while the transfer appears instantaneous to observers, a tremendous time dilation occurs within the wormhole. If one were to pass a human from one side of the earth to the other side, they would age fifty years. This was not a good way to move troops, but it was a perfect way to move weapons.


The United States is nearly defeated. Chinese troops hold and control most of the West Coast and Western States up to the Mississippi. The Midwest as well as the North East and South East are large conventional battle fields pock-marked with Displacement Bomb craters, nuclear wastelands and ruined, abandoned cities. The remains of the US government, including the President, hide in one area then move nearly constantly, remaining connected however they can. The remains of the US military machine are on the run, concerned more with protecting the few remaining citizens than fighting off the invaders.


On April 1st, all Chinese military personal disappear from the face of the planet. A Japanese group, sympathetic to the Americans, hacked into the Chinese military mainframe and discovered that most personnel carried GPS enabled communication devices. From there it was a simple matter to calculate where all of the personnel were located at any given time. Then, the terrorists launched one of the larger Chinese displacement bombs. However, they forced the navigation system on the bomb to enter the wormhole, but not exit. Thus, the device existed as a potential in space-time – it occupied all space and no space at all. The hackers further forced the device to construct reverse wormholes to all the GPS locations of the Chinese military personnel. This meant that all Chinese personnel were pulled from this reality into a semi-real state where they suffocated within a few minutes as they were pulled toward the Displacement Bomb over the next several centuries of “local time”.

The war was effectively over. However, there was just one problem. The Displacement Bomb was never detonated and never exited the wormhole. It was aging millions of years every few minutes.

On April 7th, the Displacement Bomb activated. A wormhole was created connecting the core of the Sun to the core of the Earth. The additional solar plasma energy excited the Earth’s core and began a chain of seismic events. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions shook the Earth for three months.

2026 to 2132

Global civilization was reduced to nearly stone-age conditions. The Earth was plagued with seismic activity, radiation storms, wild weather and even time distortions and reality storms. Somehow, even without any real form of civilization, Man survived.


Petar Mileovich declares himself King of New Moscow. King Petar had found several caches of Soviet era tanks and weapons. With these weapons, he is able to take Moscow and declare it the center of his new kingdom. Immediately, King Petar puts people to work. Many doing simple farming and herding. Others rebuilding and running factories. King Petar uses his military to quell gangs of barbarians in the wastes beyond greater Moscow. He also uses his military to seek out new hardware for his growing army.


King Petar has moved quickly. He now controls as far south as old Turkey, west into Kazakhstan, east into Poland and north into Finland. His military has either hired, assassinated or beaten all local war-lords and their forces. He has grown his army into a force to be reckoned with, as well as establishing an air force and a navy. The Ruble is now in common circulation and can easily be considered the first new currency.


  • New Moscow and King Petar now control all of the land mass that was once Europe, the USSR and China and Mongolia. The Koreans and Japanese have fought for more than three years, but they would soon fall.
  • Meanwhile, in Chicago, a band of war-lords have formed a weak federation that will lead to greater and bloodier things.


New Moscow’s science community has a banner year. Typically, long wars push researchers to move forward strange and possibly unusable research in the hopes that new weapons might be stumbled upon. The Chinese and Russian Federation had each worked on interesting projects during the war. King Petar’s people had gathered this information. Each group had pieces and parts of the same puzzle. Had they known what the other was doing and combined their efforts, they may have found ways to win the war.

Now that New Moscow had this information, they were more than ready to use it. The first major discovery was a perfected ion drive. Small amounts of Helium3 could be excited and accelerated to nearly the speed of light – pushing a vehicle to some amazing velocities. Fighter jets were fitted with these drives. They could circumnavigate the planet at 10,000 feet in one hour using only a quarter of their fuel.

In the same year, the New Moscow scientists were able to use ion drive principals to create weapons. These were tank and naval cannon size weapons. By exciting H3 they could create a beam of destructive particles that could cut through six inches of steel as if it were butter. Range was practically unlimited for surface based weapons. Firing time was nearly instant without a need to reload. The weight of the weapon itself was about a third of the weight of normal weapons of their size.

The only draw back to both of these devices was the scarcity of H3 on Earth. Jupiter has it in abundance. It was deemed that wormholes could be opened to siphon all the needed gas. However, scientists were able to look at the local space-time spectrum with new sensors. The Pacific War, as it was now called, had left local space-time filled with pockets of random time dilation, reality storms and other unexplained phenomenon. Some of these were even seen to contact Earth with devastating consequences. Creating more wormholes would not make this situation better.

It was deemed that a wormhole would be opened and maintained to pull H3 to Earth until mines could be established on Jupiter. But the mines would need to be established quickly.


Ion drive powered rockets are launched from Baikonur, headed for Jupiter orbit. They arrive in five weeks. The rockets are unmanned. Their job is to simply enter the upper atmosphere of Jupiter, gather Helium and keep themselves aloft. A week after the rockets arrive at Jupiter and deploy, other ion drive ships launch. These rockets are larger and reusable. They will pilot to Jupiter, load up on H3 and return to Earth.


King Petar has made alliances with war-lords in the Middle East and Africa. The Koreans and Japanese have come under his wing. His new weapons are nearly unstoppable.

However, the American war-lords are prepared to strike! In three separate attacks, fighter jets commandeer incoming helium transport vessels just after re-entry. The war-lords now have ion drive technology and a supply of H3.

King Petar has no choice but to react to this act of terrorism. He used conventional bombs from ion fighters to destroy 50 locations in what was once the United States. Since he had no way to know where these guerrillas came from or went, he hoped to discourage their further activities through a show of force.


The American war-lords cannibalized the three commandeered vehicles, constructing one large vehicle, loaded with gear and people. On July 4th, “The Warrior” is launched from the ruins of Scott AFB in Illinois. King Petar’s military detected the launch and ion drive missiles were launched. However, The Warrior launched displacement bombs which successfully destroyed the missiles that got close. The Warrior touched down on Mars a week later.


  • King Petar is assisinated. Petar’s son, Olag, claims the throne.
  • The Martians have established a firm colony and are working on launching a second colony.


King Olag declares himself King of Earth. While there are forces resisting him, they are few and unpopular. King Olag is quite popular. Cities are being rebuilt. Most people in cities have jobs and are spending rubles as fast as they can earn them. Travel between cities is fast with ion powered liners and quite safe.


  • Helion is incorporated under royal license, pulling H3 mining out of the hands of government and passing it to the private sector. Helion begins manned mining operations on Jupiter and in the Asteroid Belt.
  • A colony is sent from Mars to Venus. This move goes nearly unnoticed on Earth.


Martian piracy of Helion cargo ships causes an H3 shortage and panic on Earth. King Olag retaliates with ion fighters sent to Mars. Three colonies are destroyed.


Glassdome is founded on Mars.


Martha of Glassdome declares herself Queen of Mars. There is no opposition.

2174 to 2179

A series of seven assassinations and coups in New Moscow leave the throne empty. This creates an economic panic. A congress of regional governors convenes. They select the young great niece of Olag as their new queen, crowning her as Katrina the III.


Terresta is incorporated under Martian royal license.


Ariel the IV declares herself Queen of Venus. Most people from Earth and Mars were not aware there had been an Ariel I through III!


Stardyne is incorporated under Terran royal license. They are tasked by Queen Katrina the III to build superior space faring vessels and to advance research into Ion and other drives.


Representatives of dozens of business and governmental interests gather on a station in Saturn orbit to decide how best Saturn will be exploited. In the end, they charter a new government and crown a new queen; Tasha.


Present Day

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