In the year 2153, guerrilla war-lords centered in what used to be Chicago attack incoming freighters laden with Helium3. They use commandeered fighter jets to force the drone vehicles to land. In all, three freighters are captured, thus giving the war-lords access to ion drive technology and a supply of fuel.

In the year 2154, the war-lords launch “The Warrior” from the ruins of Scott AFB. The Warrior is composed of elements from the three freighters. It is laden with thousands of would-be colonists and material for colonizing Mars.

By 2158, the first Martian colony, Touchdown, is a thriving village of underground warrens and vaults. The surface around Touchdown is littered with tents and other atmosphere containing devices. Touchdown is feeling the push of overcrowding. They prepare for other colonies to venture out.

By 2160, a couple of dozen colonies exist on Mars. Many Terrans have traveled to Mars to find their fortunes and adventure. Several colonies have failed, often killing their residents. But, others thrive and spawn colonies of their own. Many colonies have ventured out from underground and now cover large craters or canyons with plastic tent material to keep in atmosphere at pressure.

In 2168, a group of colonists with wanderlust cobble together another small seed ship that heads for Venus.

Helium mining is conducted on Mars, but with little result. At this time, most of Helion’s fruits are destined for Earth. Several colonists band together to change this. They build armed space fighters and begin hi-jacking both drone and manned freighters. This piracy continues and increases for the next several year. In 2171 King Olag sends fighters to Mars destroying Touchdown and two other colonies.

Glassdome is completed in 2172 and shortly thereafter the local Governor, Martha Lee, is crowned Martha of Glassdome, Queen of Mars by popular acclaim and a vote of Colonial Governors. She reigns to this day.

Terresta is the largest mega-corporation operating on Mars. Many of the companies comprising Terresta learned their craft on Mars and have taken that knowledge out to the rest of the system. As of this writing, Mars has a thin but breathable atmosphere at the surface, similar to many high altitude cities on Earth. There are open lakes and free flowing rivers of fresh and mineralized water. Animals and plants grow freely across the planet. WaterEx can be thanked for much of the water. Terresta is also working on ways to thicken the atmosphere.

Although the Ruble is accepted by most retailers and businesses, often at a discounted rate, the most easily accepted currency on Mars is the Dollar. The Martian Dollar is issued around the system by Terresta and other Mars based mega-corps. If one is planning to do business with Mars, having your figures in Dollars vs. Rubles will save a great deal of time.


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