“A happier life starts with a smarter pet – an Intellipet!”

OmniPet began working on the idea of creating smarter pets by studying parrots. Certain parrots are very intelligent, although they often go untrained. Certain trained parrots have the intelligence level of human children and since they have rather long lives for pets, they can learn a great deal.

OmniPet’s first product, the Intellipolly, was intelligent “out of the box”. OmniPet used transgenic technologies to move human brain cells to the brain of a parrot. They expanded the brain and added additional neural infrastructure to allow for a more intelligent bird. On top of this, they used a form of dream learning to train the bird. The result was a pet who could learn and speak, who had a starting vocabulary of 5000 words and who could hold rudimentary “small talk” level conversations.

Intellipolly was a huge success for Omnipet and generated huge profits. OmniPet followed this up with several other pet products including the very popular Intellipup, Intellikitty and Intellimouse (which was actually more closely related to rats and was sold as a rat in Asian countries and colonies). OmniPet had less success with the Intelliguana, Intellipig and Intelliturtle, but these and others can still be found in pet stores.

OmniPet recently allowed a Dr. Bower Stern to attempt creating even smarter pets. Dr. Stern attempted to increase brain size and even give pets problem solving abilities and opposable thumbs. Dr. Stern’s experiments were deemed failures by OmniPet and his project has been canceled.


Empress of Sol JerichoBrown