In the year 2189, representatives of dozens of business and governmental interests gather on a station in Saturn orbit to decide how best Saturn will be exploited. In the end, they charter a new government and crown Dawn Warburton as Queen Tasha of Saturn.

The Royal Saturnal Convention, as it has come to be known, was dominated by representatives from Helion, Terresta and WaterEx. Ms. Warburton had been a high level administrator within Helion.

The Saturnal government and colonies are so new, no one is sure what to make of them. Queen Tasha has kept a strictly professional and neutral line. Saturn appears to be aiming themselves at multiple business interests, instead of investing themselves primarily in one business, like Mars or in exactly one business, like Jupiter. Saturn has highlighted their local access to Helium3 and mining opportunities in the rings as strategic resources for heavy orbital manufacturing. They appear to be wooing competitors of Stardyne with a great deal of success.

In a very short time, Queen Tasha has accumulated a great deal of buzz and political “juice” that she is using most expertly.


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