In the year 2168 a colony is sent from Mars to Venus. The colony is comprised of those that felt Mars had become too civilized. Many felt that the Venusian colonists were nut-bars!

Venus became something of a secret project, supported from Mars. Many of the corporations that would eventually form Terresta verified the terraforming techniques they had developed on Mars as being viable elsewhere.

The first Colonial Governor of Venus was Ariel Howard. Her grand-daughter, Ariel Mann, became Governor in 2173. In 2176 Lisa Stahl was elected Governor, however, many referred to her as Ariel the III, The Hive Queen, as the initial colony at New Milan had become quite overcrowded.

In 2181, another grand daughter of Ariel Howard, Mary Howard, is crowned Ariel the IV, Queen of Venus. For many, this announcement was the first time they were even aware of a colony on Venus. By this point, there were several colonies and a thriving economy.

Venus today is a wilderness on the verge of becoming a thriving planet. Unfortunately, Venus has also become a dumping ground for unwanted human and not-entirely-human refuse.


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